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Healthcare in Singapore

Your guide to quality medical care in Singapore
Singapore is Asia’s leading medical hub, offering a complete, world-class and internationally-accredited healthcare ecosystem. Each year, international patients come to Singapore for medical care – ranging from basic health screening to high-end specialist care. English is widely used, and most hospitals in Singapore have dedicated personnel to assist international patients.While costs may appear high when compared to other Asian countries, Singapore offers great value for money due to excellent outcomes and shorter hospital stays. Furthermore, Singapore is a safe, highly accessible and cosmopolitan city where the international medical traveller can recuperate with peace of mind.

Crossroads Consultancy Services is an official agent for two established medical groups in Singapore, Parkway and SMG.

The Crossroads Advantage

We offer a unique combination of medical expertise, local knowledge and Singaporean efficiency.

  • From your first visit, you will be attended to by our Singapore-licensed doctor based in Astana.
  • We perform an Initial Assessment to better understand your needs.
  • A Medical Report will be prepared in English for our doctors in Singapore.
  • Once you have decided to book an appointment with our doctors in Singapore, Crossroads will help to co-ordinate all aspects of your journey to, within and from Singapore.