About Us


Crossroads Consultancy Services is a consultancy business that aims to provide choices, clarity and customisation to people seeking education and healthcare options in Singapore.

Our target market is the Central Asian republic of Kazakhstan, and our overseas office is located in its capital city, Astana.

Mission statement

We provide consultancy services to people exploring education and healthcare options in Singapore, allowing our clients to make informed choices that address their specific needs.

Company vision

Our branch company aims to become the “first choice” consultancy in Kazakhstan on matters pertaining to education and healthcare in Singapore. We will achieve this by providing clear and customised information to our clients, equipping them to make informed choices about the educational and healthcare possibilities in Singapore. We will win the respect and trust of our clients, our employees, our shareholders, the communities we work in, and the local authorities of Kazakhstan, by rigorously upholding our company values.

Company values

  • Professionalism: we will provide top-quality goods and services to our customers.
  • Propriety: we will demonstrate professional, fiscal and legal integrity in our business practices.
  • Presence: we seek to establish a strong identity in the communities we work in.
  • Pertinence: our portfolio of services will be contextually relevant and up-to-date.
  • Profitability: we will protect the interests of our investors and shareholders.