Value for Money


In a 2014 study, Bloomberg rated Singapore’s healthcare system as the most efficient in the world. Each country was ranked on three criteria: life expectancy, relative per capita cost of health care, and absolute per capita cost of health care.

Costs of Surgical Procedures

ProcedureUSASingapore% Savings
Normal Delivery10,0005,20048%
Caesarean Delivery15,2008,20046%
Approximate figures, in US dollars.
Sources: IFHP 2013 Comparative Price Report, Ministry of Health (Singapore)

Healthcare costs in Singapore are transparent. Costs of treatment are published on the website of Singapore’s Ministry of Health, empowering consumers to make informed decisions and have better control over their healthcare expenditure.

Clinical Outcomes

The price of procedures only tells part of the healthcare story. Clinical outcomes are another important consideration, because good outcomes often mean shorter hospital stays and fewer repeat visits to the doctor, not to mention a better quality of life for the patient. In this regard, some of Singapore’s clinical outcomes exceed those of other established medical centres of excellence.

Surgical Outcomes

Liver TransplantNational University Hospital, SingaporeUS OPTN
10-year survival rate64%59.4%
High-risk stomach cancer (stage II to IV) treatmentNational University Hospital, SingaporeUS Intergroup 0116 study
2-year survival rate60%40.5%
Data excerpted from the website of the National University Hospital, Singapore and "Your Guide to Quality Medical Care in Singapore", pg 3.