Teambuilding Seminar at Nazarbayev University

Teambuilding Seminar at Nazarbayev University

Crossroads was pleased to be involved in the orientation programme for students of the Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Public Policy on 19th August 2016.

(L-R) Wen-Wei Chiang , Dr Weng Tat Hui, Dr Martin Lee

Left: Wen-Wei Chiang, Principal Consultant;
Middle: Dr Weng Tat Hui, Dean, Graduate School of Public Policy;
Right: Dr Martin Lee, Director, Crossroads Consultancy Services

Getting to know you

Our consultant from Singapore, Mr. Wen-Wei Chiang, used various games and activities to help participants build awareness of their own and others’ emotions in team dynamics.

Building straw towers

Learning about pitfalls to communication

Wen-Wei also used the DISC Behavioural Profile to increase students’ self-awareness. With this as a framework, they will be able to better understand others’ differences and build more effective communication and working strategies.

Taking the DISC behavioural profile

Wen-Wei explaining the DISC behavioural profile

To the students of the MPA and MPP programmes: All the best in your studies and future careers!